Simple Cheque Maintenance Application11 min read

In this Blog, we can create simple windows application connect with mssql server for maintain the cheque details and report using visual studio.

Process Flow:

  • Create table & store procedure
  • Create Application
  • Report Generation

Create table & store procedure:

In this application I have used MDF file. if you need, create database from SQL Server, Following the same script.

Create Application:

Open Visual Studio New > Project > Window Desktop > Select Windows Form Application

After following the project name enter OK button, it will go to solution explorer window. Right Click the project and select New> New Item

I have added the all files like below the structure

If you going to use MDF, after creating this file run the above query on new query in visual studio.I have authenticated simple username & password

Only after login validation, it allows to the Parent form (MDI Form)

Cheque Details Getting From:

Data save into the database and pending to data grid control

Report Generation:

For the report concept I have used default visual studio report of rdlc. If you need, you can add any external reporting tool like crystal report, Telerik report…etc

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