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Learn ASP.NET Core WEB API With Angular 5 Using ngFor

Introduction: In this article, we will learn ASP.NET Core web API with angular 5 data binding using with ngFor. • Create SQL Server Database • Create Web API with ASP.NET Core • Install Entity Framework • Create angular 5 Application • Data Binding Using with ngFor Create SQL Server Database: Open your SQL Server, Click […]

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Learn MVC Using AngularJS And Crystal Report

Introduction In this article, we will learn MVC, using AngularJS and Crystal Report to help us handle server side data, using Visual Studio 2015. What Is Crystal Report? Crystal Report is a business intelligence application. Crystal Report is powered by SAP. It is used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources. […]

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Learn WPF CRUD Operations Using VB.NET

In this article, we are going to: Create a database. Create stored procedures. Create a WPF application in VB.NET. Perform CRUD operations. Create a Database Open SQL Server 2016. Then, click the New Query window and run the below query.

Create Stored Procedures You’ve probably used Entity Framework, but I have written the stored procedure for […]

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Learn MVC Using Angular UI-Route

Angular UI is a routing framework for a client-side, single page application and navigates from one view to another view. Angular UI-Router, however, is not just the “Route URL”; it maintains the application views based on a hierarchical tree of state. UI-Router provides a different approach than ngRoute, which we will be going over in this […]