Convert Table Column Into C# Model Class

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to convert a table column into a C# model class, using stored procedure. This is a very useful phenomenon for most of the C# programmers. SQL Code Create table and column as you need, like given below.

  Usually, you can create class model with the same […]

Angular ASP.NET MVC C# Visual Studio

Learn MVC Using Angular UI-Route

Angular UI is a routing framework for a client-side, single page application and navigates from one view to another view. Angular UI-Router, however, is not just the “Route URL”; it maintains the application views based on a hierarchical tree of state. UI-Router provides a different approach than ngRoute, which we will be going over in this […]


Types of Namespace in C#

The namespaces are used in C# that contains collection of classes. There four types of namespaces in C#. Directive Station Alias Nested Directive Namespace: The directive namespace that is from link library and direct as link. Eg:

Station Namespace: The namespace that created automatically for project. Eg: Console app create.

Alias Namespace: The […]

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