AngularJS Plan Version 1.7

If your Development team still using AngularJS, This news for you… Currently we can use AngularJS Version 1.6 from Recently they are planning one more release & long term support. In the official blog announcement . AngularJS  is stable framework for building Web Apps & Millions of developers using by the web, Because it is an extremely stable release […]

Angular 5 New Features

Angular 5.0.0 was released on 01-November-2017. This is a major release announced by Angular Team – Pentagonal-donut. Given below are useful & major points from Angular 5 The build optimizer is a tool and it is increasing the boost of your application & decorators are used by the compiler & removed from runtime code. Angular Universal […]

Learn Power BI- Getting GitHub Report

Introduction In this article, we will learn Power BI. This article is most helpful for source maintaining as far as GitHub users are concerned. Requirements Download Power BI desktop here. Window 10 operating system. Publish repository in GitHub. What is Power BI? Power BI is a business analytical tool, which is powered by Microsoft. This […]

Learn Web API Using WPF, WebForms And Xamarin

What is ASP.NET Web API? ASP.NET Web API is a framework to build Web API’s on the top of .NET framework, which makes it easy to build HTTP Services that comprises of range of clients, including mobile devices, all the Browsers & desktop Application. Web API is a similar to ASP.NET MVC, so it contains […]

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